About Gullberg & Jansson

Gullberg & Jansson AB (publ) is a green technology company in the swimming pool & spa sector and is the leading supplier of pool enclosures and pool heat pumps in the Nordic markets. 

Gullberg & Jansson develops and markets a wide range of affordable and well-designed top-quality products for swimming pools & spas. Gullberg & Jansson has over 400 resellers/distributors in Europe.

Gullberg & Jansson has a valued support organisation with a high level of service and knowledge, and established service networks in selected markets.

Gullberg & Jansson AB (publ) has been listed on Aktietorget since 2012. The main shareholder in Gullberg & Jansson is LMK Ventures, subsidiary of LMK Industri AB, which is the main shareholder in Axis AB (publ) in Lund, Sweden, which is the world's leading expert in network video.

Gullberg & Jansson's headquarters are in Helsingborg and the sales office in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Gullberg & Jansson was founded in 2002 and we work with the leading players in the swimming pool and spa industry, both on the private and the public side.