About Gullberg & Jansson

Gullberg & Jansson AB (publ) is a green technology company in the swimming pool & spa sector and is the leading supplier of pool enclosures and pool heat pumps in the Nordic markets. 

Gullberg & Jansson develops and markets a wide range of affordable and well-designed top-quality products for swimming pools & spas. Gullberg & Jansson has over 400 resellers/distributors in Europe.

Gullberg & Jansson has a valued support organisation with a high level of service and knowledge, and established service networks in selected markets.

Gullberg & Jansson AB (publ) has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since 2012. 

Gullberg & Jansson's headquarters are in Helsingborg and the sales office in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Gullberg & Jansson was founded in 2002 and we work with the leading players in the swimming pool and spa industry, both on the private and the public side.